Annual Parish Meeting – 4th May 2021

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 4th May at 7pm and on the same evening we plan to host the village Annual Parish Meeting at 7:30pm. This is an important public meeting, where priorities for the Parish Council are set. We would like to see as many residents take part as possible. It is not a Parish Council meeting, but a village meeting. There is no set agenda, but the Parish Council will submit a number of reports on the work we have been doing on your behalf, and we will have a chance to discuss how residents see the village developing, including the pond and playground.

As lockdown restrictions ease, it may be possible for the Annual Parish Meeting to be held in person, in the church, as it has been in years past. (It had to be cancelled last year for obvious reasons). It will need to be delayed a while yet, but we would like to hear your opinion on whether the meeting should be held in-person when we can, or should go ahead virtually in May.

Neil Matthew
Chair, Boughton Parish Council

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